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Why choose our journals to publish your article

Phcog.net is a journal publishing organization that publishes only original and thought to provoke work in the various inter-disciplinary areas. By following the quality selection process, the journal provides a guarantee for only innovative and scientific excellence. Choosing our journal for your research work will provide you with an opportunity to reach out to the wider community of the natural science discipline. We assure the research community to make available substantial content rather than anything that is only incremental.

As an author or writer, you must be looking for a platform that will bring recognition to your work. Phcog.net has high-impact journals which have been considered by various institutions and organizations. Our journals have secured a place in the library of many renowned educational and research institutes for their reference purpose. With such wide exposure, your work will surely receive the desired recognition.

Alongside, we provide open access to researchers and scholars throughout the world via our online platform. By using our open-access platform, any inquisitive soul can use your literal work for reference purposes. When anyone uses other’s literary work for reference purposes, they must stick to the protocol to mention the name of the author of the referenced article in their work. This way we bring international acclamation for you. It will accelerate your discoveries and findings to an international platform and makes your work notable.

By publishing your work with our journal, you will get remarkable citation benefits as well. It is a well-established fact that open-access platforms are the first choice as the internal research and scientist community owing to the ease of usage and availability. Once you choose your journal for the publication of your work, you chose an open-access platform that will bring more citations for you. Citations are important to validate the authenticity and viability of any work. The number of citations an article received the more practical it is. Research citations also establish the fact that the article is getting attention from the research community. Phcog.net serves you as an all-inclusive platform that any author would ever seek.

All the articles published in our impact factor journal are peer-reviewed and thoroughly edited for polishing the findings. As the allotted editor and reviewer will have no hereabout the author, they are likely to review the article without any prejudice and biasedness.

Our collaboration with Crossref, Portico, and Plagscan further your findings and literary work and make a magus opus. Crossref is an open-access platform used by millions of scholars, scientists, and researchers to find relevant content. All articles, published in our journals, will have a permanent URL over the website. This way we get you connected with astuteness across the world. We reserve your literary work for future reference with our association with Portico. Portico is a non-government organization that reserves literary work using technology. All your work will be stored safely and will use wisely for research advancements and substantial teaching. The platform is certified by the Center for Research Libraries and assures you of trusted and dependable digital platform preservation for your articles.

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