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What is Phcog.Net and where can I find information on Phcog.Net Journals?
Phcog.net publishes peer-reviewed journals covering the aspect inter-linked with natural product drug development and its associated fields. The journals aim to offer high-quality content which is scientifically sound, reviewed and established to leverage the natural drug development.

Which journals are published or supported by Phcog.Net ?
For information, you can visit https://phcog.net/browse-journals/
How can I become a reviewer for Phcog.net journals? And what are the benefits for the reviewers?
Kindly send your detailed CV to ebscom@phcog.net
For more details and benefits visit: https://phcog.net/benefits-for-reviewers/
How do I join Editorial Board of Phcog.net Journals? And what are the benefits for the members?
Kindly send your detailed CV to ebscom@phcog.net
For more details and benefits visit: https://phcog.net/benefits-for-editors/
What is the role of journal editors in reviewing and approving material that is published??
For details visit: https://phcog.net/editorial-policy/
Where can I find the indexing status of journal?
https://phcog.net/browse-journals/: You can click on the particular Journal and know the Indexing information.
How do I Subscribe to Phcog.net Journals?
Visit: https://phcog.net/librarians/
Where can I find publication ethics?
What are the benefit for authors upon successful publishing in Phcog.Net Journals?
Where can I find editorial policy?

What are the different steps involved in peer review process?
Where can I find copyright and open access policy?

How about archiving policy ?
To know more details, click https://phcog.net/archiving-policy/

Where can I download factsheets, copyright forms, reference style etc?

Queries related to Manuscript Submission

Which type of work/study is accepted in Phcog.net Journals?
Article types such as Original article, Research Article, Review Article, Short communication and letter to the editor in the field of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM), Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy are being published in Phcog.Net journals.
How do I prepare a manuscript for submission in Phcog.net Journals? Or Where can I find instructions for preparing my manuscript?
Information on the manuscript format for phcog.net journal can be accessed through this link:

How can I submit the Article?
The article must be submitted through online mode only via submission portal:- 
To access individual Journals visit: https://phcog.net/submit-article/
When I will receive acknowledgement and manuscript id/number once I had submitted my article online?
Upon successful registration and completion of submission of your article, a unique manuscript ID will be displayed on the submission screen and a confirmation mail will also be sent to the registered email id.
What details/ information is required while preparing a cover page for an article?
Covering letter should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized – paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides. You should use 12 pt Times New Roman font. Authors should take care over the fonts which are used in the document, including fonts within graphics. Fonts should be restricted to Times New Roman, Symbol and Zapf Dingbats.
Title : Should be in Title Case ; The first character in each word in the title have to be capitalized. Details of all authors with their affiliation must be present, Corresponding Author detail, address, Contact number and EMail ID. Disclose all possible conflicts of interest (e.g., funding sources for consultancies or studies of products). A brief indication of the importance of the paper to the field of Pharmacy is helpful in gaining appropriate peer review.

Which style has to be followed for Bibilographic Listings/ References?
Vancouver style: https://phcog.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/ref_style.pdf
I am unable to upload images/ tables / additional materials in the submission portal. What should I do?
Please check the properties of images and supporting documents, resize them as per given instructions:
In case, if you are still unable to upload images and supporting documents in the submission portal, you can send an email to journals@phcog.net
I am unable to complete the submission, how can I complete it.
You can send the manuscript as an attachment to authorsupport@phcog.net and mention the name of the journal, you wish to consider the submission.

Is it possible to edit my details in the submission portal after Submission?
It can be done by logging in and edit the changes before processing to peer review.
How can I Add or Remove Author after submitting of article?
You need to login to the same portal and after clicking on the particular Manuscript ID, Select UPDATE ARTICLE INFORMATION under Action. And then you can edit, add or remove authors’ names.
How can I Add or Remove Author after acceptance/ of article?
You can add or remove author by sending request to editor via email mentioning the reason for addition or removal followed by which, an updated copyright form to require along with all mentioned authors.
How can I Add or Remove Author after publication of article?
It is not possible to add or remove the author after successful publication of article
How can I modify or make changes if any before/after publication of article?
Before publication
You can make changes or modify the paper before publication or while corrections of galley proof to handling editor or concerned team member.
After Publication
It is not possible to make any changes after the publication of paper or available online. However, if any serious error or corrections to be included; it can be included as corrigendum or errata subject to approval of editor-in-chief.
How can I withdraw paper and what is the procedure?
You can withdraw a submitted paper by sending an official request along with reason to editor-in-chief before final decision.
Once the paper is accepted and processed for galley proof, you need to pay 50 % of article processing charges
For withdrawal or retraction; you may write to concerned editor-in-chief or publishing@phcog.net
Do I require to send a hard copy of manuscript and copyright form to the journal office after Submitting my manuscript online?
No hard copy to be sent to our journal office unless it is asked for any reason. However, it is strongly advised that the author / corresponding author keeps a hard copy of filled-in and signed copyright form for record and future communication with the journal office, if any.
Do I require to submit new copyright form if there is an addition or deletion of author’s name?
Yes, you need to refurnish new copyright form including all names and signatures of the all names and signatures of the authors are present in the new copyright form.
Where do I find Copyright Form? OR How can I download Copyright Form?
Copyright Form can be downloaded from the given Link: https://phcog.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/CRF_PhcogNet.docx

Queries related to Editorial Process

What should I do if there is a lot of delay in acceptance of my article?
You may write to the editor about the status of the submitted article or you can log in via the submission system to understand the stage of the paper.

What is the time taken for acceptance of my article?
Usually, the time taken for the editorial process is 30 -60 days, however, we propose a quick turnaround for the final decision. Sometimes, due to unavoidable delay from the reviewer side, it is expected to complete the process in 90 days.
What should I do if receive an intimation stating that my paper needs Technical modification?
Authors are asked to revise the paper according to journal standards and provide the missing details mentioned and re-upload in the same submission portal within 7 days of submission.

Queries related to Payment and Billing Information

Where can I find information on article processing charges?

Where can I find the payment information?

What are the article processing charges and how can I make the Payment via Credit Card/Debit Card/ NEFT/ UPI?
For Details visit: https://phcog.net/article-processing-charges/
Please note that the article will not be published unless APC is cleared for the manuscript.
Can we make Partial payment or EMIs?
Currently, we do not have Provisions for Partial Payments or easy monthly installments.
If the Amount is already deducted from my Bank account and I have not received any acknowledgement from Phcog.net, What should I do?
Bank Transfers/ transactions usually take 1-2 days working days to get credited to our account. Kindly allow 3-4 days’ time for acknowledgement. You may also write to billing@phcog.net or call +91-9686980760
How to get a refund of the payment as I have made payment more than once towards the Article Processing Charges?
Excess Payment or refund in other case will be initiated within 7 working days after receiving a written request and the author(s) need(s) to provide their Bank Details such as Account Number, Branch and Bank name, Beneficiary name, IFSC Code, Swift Code, or Paypal details in case of foreign Payments.

How to get refund of payment for cancelled manuscript as I have made payment towards the Article Processing charges?
75% of the Amount paid will be refunded when your article is under Technical check phase
50% of the Amount paid will be refunded when your article is paginated.
There will not be any Refund in case if your article is Published.
What is the Procedure for refund or cancel the payment?
Refund or Cancellation in other case will be initiated within 15 working days after receiving written request and the author(s) need(s) to provide their Bank Details such as Account Number, Branch and Bank name, Beneficiary name, IFSC Code, Swift Code, or Paypal details in case of foreign Payments.

Is there a waiver policy for Authors reviewers or Editorial Board Members?
Articles from our Editors and Members of the Editorial Board will be published with a 25 % waiver fee. The waiver fee is applicable for one paper in each calendar year.
Reviewers who review the manuscript within the specified time will be given a 10% waiver on the total publication charges for one manuscript if it is submitted as first author or corresponding author. The partial waiver fee is applicable for one paper in each calendar year.
The journal offers waivers to authors from Lower middle-income Countries (20% waiver on the actual APC) and authors from Lower-Income Countries (50% waiver on the actual APC) depending on the quality of work and other special considerations.

Phcog.Net Journals reserve the right to approve or reject any waiver application. Waiver decision will be communicated to the corresponding author within one week after the request is received.
Waiver applications should be submitted before submitting the manuscript online to publishing@phcog.net
Please include the below details when requesting a fee waiver:
Name of the author and co-authors
• Name and address of Institution
• Journal Name
• Manuscript title
• Manuscript Number
For waiver related queries, please write to publishing@phcog.net

Queries related to Contact Details

Whom can I contact in Person?
Kindly contact the author support team at journals@phcog.net or +91-9686980760
For General Queries – authorsupport@phcog.net
Copyright, Permission and licenses related – publishing@phcog.net
IT Help Desk, Assistance in Manuscript Submission: authorsupport@phcog.net
Accounts Dept.- billing@phcog.net
How can I reach Phcog.Net office?
Phcog.Net, # 9, First Floor, Vinnse Towers, Wheeler Road Extension, St. Thomas Town, Bangalore 560 084, INDIA, Ph: +91-9686980760

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