Vision, Mission, Scope

We have envisioned ourselves to build an online journal publication platform where authors/scientists across the world can contribute and obtain qualitative work to reinforce the research in the field of natural drugs formation. By bringing the research widely spread over a single platform, we drive the innovation and technology in the direction of advanced natural products drug manufacturing and its research.
Our mission is to integrate all conjectural knowledge available in the field of natural science, technology, and innovation in the right proportion that is essential to produce the one-of-its-kind drugs and products. Alongside, we also undertake a duty to bring the notable work done in the respective field into the limelight with the help of our online journal publication platform.
SCOPE is a journal publication house that provides an unbiased opportunity for any noteworthy research work done in the STM or Science, Technology, and Medicine field. The scope of our online journal publishing house is broad. We cover all inter-linked areas like research and publication related to natural products.
India is being considered the epitome of natural products across the world. The rich flora and fauna of the country have been always fascinating to researchers throughout the globe. The proof of the same can reminisce from the century-old practice of Ayurveda where the healing was done solely based on natural products. We, at, are self-driven to assimilate both so that India would be able to produce a plethora of natural products which can be used to serve society.

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