About Us

Phcog.Net is a digital platform that gives equal and evenhanded opportunities to the researchers across the world to bring their work in the limelight. Founded in the year 2004, under the tutelage of notable Prof. Shivananda and Dr. Ahmed, this impact factor journal publishing online house thrive on a sole motto to encourage the commendable and breakthrough work in the field of natural product development.
We have envisioned ourselves to promote the qualitative work in the direction of natural drugs development by providing top-notch, verified, and established electronic content. The journals available over our website are the end-result of rigorous research and are entirely based on real-time facts. To provide the reliable and incorrigible journals, we impart all the leading quality standards in our publishing process. Our collaboration with CrossRef and PlagScan assure you to make available bona fide content only. Each Phcog.net journal has been peer-reviewed thoroughly and methodically to polish the work further. The journals published by Phcog.Net cover each essential and vital detail about natural product drug industry extensively and serves as a potential tool to give rise to innovative products.
We strive hard to provide all the essential information for the research, scholar, and scientific community that they must be entailing in their respective work areas. By publishing insightful, innovative, genuine, and data-driven content, we augment the research and development work in the field of natural science and drug development.
While the publication work is on, we strongly adhere by with legal and statutory compliance. Our unwavering fervent to build a developmental and progressive structure to support the natural science and drug development make is stand out from the crowd. Phcog.net is a trailblazer in the online natural science journal publishing which creates an encouraging and constructive atmosphere to boost up the natural product development. It fills the research gap with the actual scenarios and conjectural theories by providing the appropriate and justified the digital content.

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