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Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide is a non-profit network dedicated to Natural Products Research to develop promising drugs. Our main mission is to make information on herbal drug research readily available in different formats to suit the individual needs of anyone who wants it. A long term objective is to provide high quality, accurate, and necessary information to enhance herbal drug research. We invite you to join our network and make your research the best.

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As a first step towards filling this unmet need, we have created a non-profit, research dedicated organization titled Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide [Phcog.Net]. We believe that natural products research information can potentially benefit many researchers involved in this area. Also we believe that research on natural products is often delayed by the lack of necessary information about medicinal plants. Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide (Phcog.Net) - A Platform for Natural Product Researchers was created to combat these problems. It makes innovative use of the best tools for information dissemination to overcome the hurdles to Pharmacognostical Research. Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide is a non-profit network dedicated to Natural Products Research in order to develop promising drugs.

An official website was launched for the Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide in July 2004 (www.phcog.net). Over 4,000 active medicinal plant researchers have already registered. Phcog.Net is an online community formed for the purpose of collaborative discovery. The breadth of our members' experience is truly amazing! From Pharmacognosist to Botanist, our members work in every conceivable environment, from prestigious universities to research centers. Although our members are acknowledged and given due credit every time they participate in a study, we have come to realize that viewpoints and catalog items are not what motivate a busy professional to participate in Phcog.Net. The common thread that binds all of our members together is a deep-seated belief that their opinions matter and that by interacting they can make a difference.

Phcog.Net is designed to facilitate communication among our members by providing news, links, and other valuable information. Over the next several years, we will continue implementing programs designed to encourage members to contribute their experiences, opinions, and insights in new ways, promoting interaction and discussion with colleagues around the world.

For more details visit www.phcog.net or send an email to mueen.ahmed@phcog.net

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Pharmacognosy Communications

Pharmacognosy Communications [Phcog Commn.] www.phcogcommn.org is a new journal published by Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide [www.phcog.net]. It is a peer reviewed journal aiming to publish high quality original research articles, methods, techniques and evaluation reports, critical reviews, short communications, commentaries and editorials of all aspects of medicinal plant research.


Free Radicals and Antioxidants include a rapid review process, rapid online publication, open access to ensure greater dissemination of information and high standards of quality with a strong base of peer reviewers to maintain high quality.

A joint publication of Phcog.Net and SciBiolMed.Org

Visit www.antiox.org

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