Pharmacognosy Research

Pharmacognosy Research [ISSN: 0974-8490] [], a new Quarterly journal published as supplement to Phcog Mag. It provides peer-reviewed original research articles from the field of Natural Products. The journal serves an international audience of scientists and researchers in a variety of research and academia by quickly disseminating research findings. In addition, the articles are being indexed by all major biomedical abstracting databases along with Phcog Mag.

Why Phcog Res.

The Editorial Board of Phcog Mag. received many requests to provide a means for rapid publication of short papers of timely interest. The challenge for this Journal is to meet this need for rapid publication without sacrificing the quality of the reviewing process for which the Journal is known or changing the basic function of the Journal in providing for in-depth studies of medicinal plant research.

Phcog Mag. has now initiated a Bi-monthly Rapid Publication for the benefit of the authors. The first issue is officially launched during January, 2009. For more details, write to mueen.ahmed [at] phcog [net] net

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Pharmacognosy Communications

Pharmacognosy Communications [Phcog Commn.] is a new journal published by Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide []. It is a peer reviewed journal aiming to publish high quality original research articles, methods, techniques and evaluation reports, critical reviews, short communications, commentaries and editorials of all aspects of medicinal plant research.


Free Radicals and Antioxidants include a rapid review process, rapid online publication, open access to ensure greater dissemination of information and high standards of quality with a strong base of peer reviewers to maintain high quality.

A joint publication of Phcog.Net and SciBiolMed.Org


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