To provide appropriate information for a wide range of natural product researchers across the globe, using quality journals and databases with cost effective best practices.


  • To provide specific natural products information upon request for faculty, researchers, and students involved in pharmacognosy research.
  • To develop a web portal providing basic screening information for plant extracts, with further links to useful resources.
  • To facilitate the dissemination of information regarding techniques and methods involved in natural product research.
  • To advance the quality of research in phytopharmacology.
  • To work collaboratively with R&D centers and industries and to describe their contributions in the field of phytopharmacology and pharmacognosy.
  • To establish a discussion group to address difficulties and problems in natural product research.
  • To provide documentation and information services such as library search/database search facilities including web-based information retrieval.

To develop close co-operation among national libraries/other information centers for the exchange of information and resource sharing.

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Pharmacognosy Communications

Pharmacognosy Communications [Phcog Commn.] www.phcogcommn.org is a new journal published by Pharmacognosy Network Worldwide [www.phcog.net]. It is a peer reviewed journal aiming to publish high quality original research articles, methods, techniques and evaluation reports, critical reviews, short communications, commentaries and editorials of all aspects of medicinal plant research.


Free Radicals and Antioxidants include a rapid review process, rapid online publication, open access to ensure greater dissemination of information and high standards of quality with a strong base of peer reviewers to maintain high quality.

A joint publication of Phcog.Net and SciBiolMed.Org

Visit www.antiox.org

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